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I use words to change the shape of the world

Hey, I’m Graciele Ruiz, and as I know it’s not a very common name, feel free to call me Grace. I have always been passionate about books and libraries. I used to spend long hours reading about heroes and their journeys and one day, I decided to live an adventure myself. So, I came to Canada!

I took this opportunity to reinvent myself and learn how to tell stories not only with words, but also with images, design and video. I am a creative and determined digital media professional with experience in fast-paced environments and customer service. As a creator, I express myself by writing stories that engage and inspire others.

Publications include O Senhor da Luz (The Lord of the Light), A Arqueira do Vento (The Archer of the Wind), and Antes de Outubro (Before October).

What I can do for your business

Social media management

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Build accounts to grow social following and monitor community engagement.


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Amazing photos to impress your followers and help to build your brand.

Creative Writing

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Create writing that engages and as well informs.

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